Generally overhauled used systems

Used Systems

To simplify the entry into high-end industrial parts cleaning, HEMO has extended its range of demonstrator plants and used machines. Used machines are in high demand, and usually come from customers who have upgraded to a larger HEMO plant. These machines undergo a general overhaul by HEMO in accordance with manufacturer standards. This ensures that used systems comply with an impressively high standard of performance. The systems are not only overhauled, but also updated in line with currently valid safety standards and the latest process technologies. Needless to say, only high-quality original parts are used for modernization.

Due to the high standard of their construction, the cleaning systems are designed to ensure a long service life, and following their overhaul are once again capable of holding their own in tough industrial operation. It goes without saying that HEMO provides a full factory warranty on its overhauled systems, and provides the assurance of spare part availability for at least ten years. This makes used systems from HEMO the ideal alternative for all those who are ambitious to achieve high-performance parts cleaning systems at attractive conditions with the safeguard of a manufacturer's warranty.

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